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Why Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Not a smart idea?

26 Jun Posted by in Weight Loss | Comments Off on Why Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Not a smart idea?

Another diet plan that's making the rounds in the North American dieting circles is the cabbage soup diet. This easily followed diet is a radical weight reduction diet which claims the more local cabbage soup you take over a period of seven days, the more weight you'll lose.

All meals should be sauteed, baked or boiled.

Things to be remembered The Cabbage Soup Diet is full healthy veg and fruit, and is very low fat, but to stress again : This diet is for one week only.

You want to pick up standard eating patterns for no less than 2 weeks before trying it again. Why Is The Cabbage Soup Diet Not a smart idea? Successful weight control is about long-term weight management. I can't believe for one minute that any information or programme that inspires us to follow a trail of starvation is a good option. Most of them have truly attempted some specific version of it. Since no-one has ever made claims to be the inventor of this diet, there is not any conclusive cabbage soup diet, but instead a string of versions wafting around mags and the Net. Each expert who attempted to market this diet has either added or replaced an existing feature, meaning that apart from that cabbage soup you should be expecting to see a good range of other foods, though nothing impressive. Others say that one could shed a whooping ten pounds in a single week on this diet, which is not right. The key's to keep your gut stuffed with cabbage soup so as to keep hunger away while the body burns calories to maintain itself. Enhance the diet with a multi-vitamin and mineral tablet five.

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